James Lautier’s debut AA Pro main

Anarchy Australia’s AA Pro, James Lautier, made his first AA Pro final at the Park Orchards “Clash of the Titans” on Sunday.

It’s a significant race for him, not only was it his first AA Pro final, but it was also the third round of the Victorian Pro Tour.

In the three moto final James finished with a 6 and two 7 places which put him in 7 overall.

The tour has provided some tough racing in the lead up to the Australian BMX Championships in just a few weeks time. Just the preparation that James needs as he gets himself ready to take on Australia’s best Junior Elite riders.

The Anarchy BMX Australia team is co-sponsored by Supercross BMX, Speedline Parts, Profile, Sinz, Alienation, bmxultra.com and Dirt Designs.